Mark Hilsdens' Fine Art Architectural Drawings

A Christmas Carol (Friar Street, Worcester) - Pen and Ink

Just imagine the excitement of seeing your home or business, which you have worked so hard for over the years, captured by an artist who plays with light and shadow. Capturing the spirit of your home through reflections on the glass and of course with the open windows; all invite you to explore further and look at your home in a very different light. What else could you possibly find in your picture?


The artist specializes in creating detailed pen and ink portraits of homes and buildings as decorative fine art. The artist creates hyper-realistic drawings mainly in pen and ink and as a result of the latest exhibition has started to use spot colour and gold leaf creating a different effect.   A number of these now feature in books, magazines and used on promotional products such as clocks and placements, as well as being turned into Christmas and greeting cards.



Black inks on white paper, especially the larger sizes, make an unusually strong dramatic image that has a timeless feel to it. A view from the past with a contemporary twist.  Yet the work looks great whether it is in a traditional or contemporary frame.